The Delmonte RC Poker Race

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The Delmonte RC Poker Race is brought to you by the Demonte Gravel & Construction Ltd., the Timmins Fun Park and all our loyal members!

1st Place


2nd Place

BRAND NEW VXL Velineon 3s Motor & Speed Control!

3rd Place

BRAND NEW 2s 33000mAh 25C Lipo -OR- 1 Quart of Nitro Fuel

(Depending on Availability)

4th Place

1 Free RC Rental -OR- 2 Free Registrations and 2 Free Transponder Rentals!

5th Place

1 Free Registration and 1 Free Transponder Rental

How does the Delmonte RC Poker Race work?

Our club will hold five races this season, each racer will receive 1 playing card upon registration.

'Season Opener' - Race 1/5 - May 30th or 31st (Depending on Weather!)
Registration bonus of re-drawing 1 card at any time. Even at a full hand.
Same day take home prize of "Spektrum S6040 Digital Titanium Gear High Speed Surface Servo" (Best hand of the day!)
Same day take home prize of "TRC T-Shirt" (Four Aces!)

'Summer Scorch' - Race 2/5 - June 6th or 7th (Depending on Weather!)
Registration bonus of a 2nd class or heat, free!
Same day take home prize of *TBA

'Short Course Showdown' - Race 3/5 - June July 18th or 19th (Depending on Weather!)
Registration bonus of a eligible for Royal Flush take home prize!
Same day take home prize of *TBA
Same day take home prize of "Traxxas Slash #58024" (Royal Flush Draw)

'Elimination Nation' - 4/5 - Early August

'Season Finale' - Race 5/5 - Late August, Early September

Winning a class or heat will give the winner anywhere from 1 to 3 cards, depending on the heat and number of racers. Typically sponsored races are for more cards.

A sponsored race A-Main winner will receive a full 5 card hand. Less a card for every place after.
A sponsored race B-Main winner will receive 4 cards. Less a card for every place after. (If b-main is available!)

A sponsored heat or non-sponsored heat or race, will receive the basic 3 cards.


Sponsored Race
1st = 5 cards
2nd = 4 cards
3rd = 3 cards
4th = 2 cards
5th = 1 card

Non-sponsored Race
1st = 3 cards
2nd = 2 cards
3rd = 1 card
4th = 0 cards
5th = 0 cards

*You still receive 1 card for the first race/registration you do for the day.

What is a the difference between a 'heat' and a 'race'?

A race is an 'official' standing, the winner will be posted on the site and be known as the champion of that class for that current race. This is schedual'd and must have qualifiers and is done once an event.

A heat is an 'card race', where the winner is only awarded cards. This allows us to race longer then scheduled if attendance is healthy while still keeping the competitive nature and support the club.

You must pay the $5 entry fee for a race or heat, if the number of racers is limited in a heat or race, the number of cards awarded will be as follows. (Minimum 3 Racers for any heat or race except novice class.)

Novice Class Heat/Race (Children 10 and Under)
1st to 5th = 1 Card

3 Racers in a Heat/Race
1st = 1 Card
2nd = 0 Cards
3rd = 0 Cards

4 Racers in a Heat/Race
1st = 2 Cards
2nd = 1 Card
3rd = 0 Cards
4th = 0 Cards

Once a racer gets five cards, it is considered a 'hand' and just like in poker, at the end of the season the racer with the best hand wins! Fill as many hands as you can to improve your chances of taking home one or more of our great prizes!

More prizes will be added as the season progresses depending on support! Keep in mind this is more for fun and racers should remember the amount of work it takes to put this together.

While officials & marshals will do their best to be fair, understand mistakes happen and they do this FREE, none of the track officials are paid employees of Riverside Funpark and are there for YOUR enjoyment as well as their own.

All track officials take part in the events as racers! WE LOVE TO RACE TOO! Why do you think we did this!?

The old, the new, the older...

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As some of you may have noticed the TRC had been run by Mike T. for the past few years. I will be heading the club this year and as a previous head of the TRC I will be continuing the club in the fashion we had previously. I hope with the help of my wife and a few others to help bring a bit of community fun. Any who have been there for us before and some new faces looking to build something new, we welcome you as well!

The Riverside Funpark RC track will not only be getting a LAP COUNTER, but a complete OVERHAUL. We are expanding the track to nearly double its old size and bringing in a SECOND type of dirt to give our track a 'multi-traction' aspect.

The Timmins RC Club now has iLap Lap Counter system!

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For years our club has desperately needed a new lap counter system! Well 2015 is the year we finally get one! The iLap, Lap Counter System is known world round. Used for ROAR official events and has the most affordable transponders!

How does the lap counter system work?

Car's equipped with a transponder that pass under our sensor bridge will have their time recorded and position placed on screen for everyone to see who is in the lead for races and who has the best track time!

Transponders must be placed facing straight up and out of the shell, allowing a clear line of sight for our sensor bridge. This is typically simple and easy!

Transponders plug directly into your receiver and are powered by your regular power source. Nitro users may need a splitter.

Transponder rentals are currently $5 as they receive substantial wear and tear while being removed and placed in new vehicles. Please be gentle when inserting or removing the transponders, additional costs to the club only hurts you and those enjoying the same hobby you do.

Purchasing a transponder from the club for $50 also supports the club and spares yourself and us any issues!

Futureshop in Timmins selling TRAXXAS

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Looks like someone seen the HUGE business opportunity and now the Futureshop here in Timmins has signs posted everywhere that they will be carrying Traxxas RC's and RC parts!

This summer I couldn't run my stuff because of all the renovations, but now that all the parts will be available across the river from the track WHOOT! Hopefully we will see some big races next year like we saw in previous years!


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Here is my new LOSI 8E 2.0!

Mamba Monster 2200kv
Mamba Monster Blower Fan
Castle Field Link Programer
Turnigy 1x4s 4500mah hard case
Hitec HS-7955TG (Titanium Gear)
Losi Aluminum Servo Arm for Hitec

Slash 'Gears of War' Rally Car

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Here is what I did to my LOSI 10T !!

Losi Electric conversion kit comming!!!!!!!
Losi 8 fuiel tank
Losi 8T servos
Losi pin tires and white rims

Time to race

The Track

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Robs Slash 4x4

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Got this Slash 4x4 Ultimate Edition with 2.4ghz Radio for this seasons 4x4 or 4x4 SC class that was pretty hot last season.

Momba Max Pro 1/10 SC Edition (2400kv)
King Headz Aluminum Motor Mount
JConcepts SC Goosbumps
JConcepts SC BajR Body
RMP Arms
*Aluminum Hubs
MIP X-Duty Drive Shafts
4 Cell 2650mAh Lipo
*Center Diff
*Swaybar Kit
*Big Bore Shocks

*Comes stock as Ultimate Edition.

My Black Losi 8T-E 2.0

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Here is what I did to my LOSI 8T 2.0!

Mamba Monster 2200kv
Mamba Monster Blower Fan
Castle Field Link Programer
Turnigy 2x3s 4000mah (yes 6s setup)
Losi Electric conversion kit
Hitec HS-7955TG (Titanium Gear)
Losi Aluminum Servo Arm for Hitec
Losi 2.0 Black body
Losi Black wing
Losi tires and yellow rims
Yellow stickers

Good Luck Guys!!!! lol

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